Hair Transplant

As we all know Hair is one of the most important aspect to determine the individual appearance and look that’s why every individual whether she is a male, female,  old or young ones wants shinning and smooth hair. These days male pattern baldness is spreading on large scale and it is experienced by various young as well as old ones, It is due to unhealthy eating diet & routine, lack of exercise, excessive stress, exposure to pollution, etc.  Specifically, people are prone to dust, pollution through vehicles, junk food, etc. which leads to damage of hair causing dandruff, hair fall & baldness. That is a prominent reason that people is going for hair transplant on a large scale in order to get natural and younger-looking hair.         

There are various renowned hair transplant clinics in Pune which offer the best and effective hair transplant surgery.  Dr. Pushkar Deshpande’s Hair Transplant clinic is amongst one of them which is exclusively equipped with world-class and the latest innovative technology for surgical and non-surgical hair transplant & cosmetic procedures.

 Dr. Pushkar Deshpande’s Hair Transplant clinic in Pune is conveniently located in Kothrud encompassing the state of art latest equipment and technologies and which always strives to provide the best patient care and services for the patient looking for best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Pune.

Under the guidance of Dr. Pushkar Deshpande – Hair Transplant Surgeon & Cosmetic Surgeon Pune, the Perfection Hair Transplant surgery Clinic always strives to serve the patient with the best personal care and attention.