Frequently Asked Questions

Due to recent advancements in the technology the Hair transplant has become much more affordable with good results than you can imagine, At Perfection Hair Transplant Clinic, our team of experts examines the condition of the scalp and accordingly the price is estimated. Usually, it costs on a per graft basis, the doctor will tell you how many grafts (hair roots) you will need. The cost will usually be 40,000 onwards.

At Perfection Hair Transplant Surgery Clinic, Patient comfort and safety is our top priority. During the surgery the pain is negligible as you will be under local anesthetic, so you won’t feel a thing, also afterward there is no pain at all.

Since we use the latest technique of FUE at Perfection Hair Transplant Surgery Clinic under the supervision of the best Transplant surgeon Dr. Pushkar Deshpande, we ensure that there are no scar or stitch marks on the skin.

At Perfection Hair Transplant Surgery Clinic, with the use of the latest technology and by the experts hands we ensure 100% satisfaction level of patients, The results are absolutely permanent & the hair that is transplanted never falls, so you will have lifelong hair.

At Perfection Hair Transplant Surgery Clinic we strongly believe in

This is the general question that comes to each and everyone who aspires to undergo a Hair Transplant. At Perfection Hair Transplant Surgery Clinic we understand the curiosity of our patients and we first build confidence within the patient by giving such answers. Now the answer to this particular question is that since hair is very dense in the backside of the head, so it will not be noticeable at all.

With the advancement in the technology combined with the skill of your Hair Transplant surgeon – Hair transplant is not limited to scalp only. It can be done anywhere on the body, like beards, moustaches, chest etc. At Perfection Hair Transplant clinic we have done a successful transplant of beard, moustache etc.